Start of the project "Development of an autonomous acoustic emission sensor node for the condition monitoring of standing trees (TreeMon)"

as part of the Digital GreenTech funding measure - environmental technology meets digitization
Project No. 02WDG1698A
It is known from earlier investigations that in standing trees various microacoustic sound emissions occur both in the audible and in the ultrasonic range. They allow conclusions to be drawn about the condition of the tree, its roadworthiness, drought stress and sap flow anomalies as well as possible pest or disease infestation.

As part of the project, the demonstrator of a wireless noise emission sensor node is to be developed, which is attached to the trunk of the tree and can record microacoustic noise emissions over a longer period of time and evaluate them independently or with the help of a central computer based on machine learning. In addition to temperature, humidity and wind data, dendrological and digital optical parameters of the tree should also be recorded in order to obtain a correlation with the acoustic measurement data at different times. The digital measurement system should
  • detect and classify significant damage and diseases that can affect road safety at an early stage,
  • propose timely measures to prevent the trees from dying or being damaged and allow more stable and better yields in fruit growing,
  • the effectiveness of long-term Check forestry measures (e.g. cultivation of mixed forests or non-endemic tree species) and, if necessary, serve as a basis for their adaptation and modification.
Project partners: Fraunhofer Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme (IKTS), Früchteverarbeitung Sohra GmbH, OGF Ostdeutsche Gesellschaft für Forstplanung mbH, Teletronic Rossendorf GmbH Project coordinator: IfU GmbH Privates Institut für Umweltanalysen

Start of the project "Development and testing of a decentralized IoT sensor system for AI-supported control of compost heaps to reduce process-based methane greenhouse gas emissions (digi-compost)"

as part of the Digital GreenTech funding measure - environmental technology meets digitization
Project No. 02WDG1692B
Composting is a biological process with simultaneous conversion, build-up and breakdown processes. The microbiological population changes constantly during composting depending on the environment (aerobic, anaerobic). Particularly under anaerobic conditions, significant amounts of greenhouse gases (GHG) are released, especially methane of up to 15,400 gCH4/MgSubstrate (385,000 gCO2e/MgSubstrate). A good supply of oxygen in the center is necessary to ensure aerobic conditions. So far, process monitoring has been carried out manually and selectively. The composting is thus operated empirically and readjusted. Anaerobic conditions thus set in unnoticed and lead to significant GHG emissions.

Digi-Kompost takes on the decision-making bases for the operation of composting plants with a wide variety of processes and input materials through the development of a sensor- and AI-based system and the expansion of the database in order to significantly improve gaseous measurement and control variables. This puts operators in a position for the first time to plan, implement and document data-based operating processes, personnel and machine deployment, as well as emission protection-related measures in advance, in addition to meeting regulatory and legal requirements. An early forecast-based process control can avoid anaerobic environmental conditions and the GHG emissions can be reduced by 50 to 90% by avoiding methane emissions and the compost qualities can be significantly improved. In Germany alone, around 7 million tons of organic residues are treated every year. The project is based on the interdisciplinary cooperation of actors from the fields of "Engineering and Digitization" (INFRASOLID, Agvolution, IfU), "Application / Waste Management" (LAV) and "Science" (Fraunhofer IKTS). The developments are then to be tested and evaluated on a technical scale.

Project partners: Fraunhofer Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme (IKTS), INFRASOLID® GmbH, Agvolution GmbH, LAV Technische Dienste GmbH & Co. KG

Participation in the “Innovationstag Mittelstand des BMWK” in Berlin on 15th June 2023

Together with the company Wuttke Ingenieure GmbH, we will present our research project "Automatic Land Surveying 5.0" at the Innovation Day for SMEs of the BMWK in Berlin on 15th June 2023..

Zum Projekt: Services for site surveying are carried out almost exclusively according to the classic principle of determining the measuring points with the help of laser measuring systems and the corresponding deployment of personnel. In the project, this procedure was automated by carriages with attached measuring systems carrying out the entire measurement automatically. As part of the project, a digital measurement based on Industry 4.0 was carried out for the first time. Furthermore, parallel to the creation of the survey points, a digital surface relief or geometrical arrangements (trees, houses, etc.) were digitally recorded and assigned to the survey points.

Project start GREENER – "Single photon source and detector based on novel materials for the detection of endocrine disruptors"

On January 25th/26th 2023, the kick-off meeting for the start of the EU project GREENER took place in Brussels.

Project background: The environmental monitoring of potentially hazardous substances such as chemicals or pharmaceuticals is of great societal interest, especially in aquaponics or fisheries, since excessive supply of hormones can lead to reproductive disorders. Nevertheless, a comprehensive measurement z. B. in rivers, sewage and sewage treatment plants is a major challenge and is therefore only carried out in suspicious cases. The necessary measuring technology for the detection of such substances in concentrations of ng/L is only available in laboratories so far. Therefore, there is a great need for easy-to-use measurement technology to detect potential pollutants in the atmosphere, in water, etc.

With the GREENER project, a non-dispersive technology of a spectrometer as a nano-(opto-) electronic system with an electrically pumped single-photon source and a highly efficient single-photon detector is being developed and made available for the first time.

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HADEA). Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

URMIT Environmental Heat Symposium Central Germany September 8th, 2022, Weimar

On 8. September 2022 the ZIM network "URMIT" on environmental heat for Central Germany will be presented for the first time public and offers an opportunity for exchange and networking. That by the Federal Ministry of Economics and climate protection funded innovation network is already developing approaches for research and development projects in the areas of heat storage, heat pumps, river, sea and geothermal energy and is still open to new partners, especially SMEs in central Germany.

Further information about the event and registration:

Progress in the EU project Greenpeg

The part of the IFU within the GREENPEG project is the geophysical surveying and drone-based data acquisition. In the first period of the project, partner IFU was focusing on developing, setting up and testing the hardware for ground- and drone-based hyperspectral data acquisition. This includes the heavy-duty drone system and the acousto-optical monochromator for hyperspectral imaging. A detailed report on the project works can be found here.

The video of our flights and results can be downloaded here. [file size ~250 MB]

D-A-CH Meteorological Conference || 21. - 25. March 2022, Leipzig

At the D-A-CH Meteorological Conference, the specialist and advanced training conference for meteorology in German-speaking countries, we presented the latest developments in the product family of temperature profilers at the accompanying exhibition.

We were very happy about the lively interest and the pleasant conversations!

2. Status workshop of the BMBF growth core HIPS: "Silicon meets caramics"

On November 24, 2021, 9:00 to 16:30, the 2nd status workshop takes place (online). IFU GmbH presents the current project status on a poster titled "Use of Sicer sensors for optimizing photochemical and photobiological processes in a novel hybrid reactor".

Further information and registration:

Greenpeg meeting in Leinster/Ireland

In the week from 18 to 22 October 2021, the 2nd Leinster Field Site Progress + Think Tank Meeting (Ireland) took place as part of the EU project Greenpeg. IfU GmbH participated in this meeting and presents the results of the ground- and drone-based geophysical data, which can be used to explore lithium-containing pegmatite occurrences.

Further information on the project can be found at:

3rd Workshop „Methods for measuring and forecasting air quality“

On 16 th September 2021 the workshop “Methods for measuring and forecasting air quality” took place for the third time - this year as online conference.

The workshop offered a platform for the exchange of experience with national and European players, taking into account already existing scientific and entrepreneurial activities and competences. The workshop was divided into the three topics:

» measurement technology and innovations
» models and forecasting methods
» urban networks

You can download the current lecture program here as a PDF.

1. Public status workshop of the growth core HIPS

The 1st public status workshop of the regional growth core HIPS took place as an online conference on 7th April 2021.

In the growth core HIPS, industrial companies and research institutions work together to bring the already patented SiCer technology, a unique combination of silicon technology (Si) with ceramic multilayer technology (Cer), to maturity. The common goal of the partners is to develop new high-performance sensors based on SiCer technology and to market them jointly in the future.

You can find our poster for download here.

Relocation of the MTP-5s from Erfurt to Jena

After a multi-year measurement campaign in Erfurt, the MTP-5 of the climate agency of the Thuringian State Office for the Environment, Mining and Nature Conservation is again stationed in Jena. The first results on the urban climate in Erfurt can be seen on the TLUBN website.

Successful installation of the MTP-5 together with the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI)

On the roof of the observatory Tusimice in Kadan (CZ), a MTP-5-HE was installed on Oct. 19th 2020.

The CHMI needs high-resolution temperature profiles for e.g. ecological tasks such as air quality monitoring and forecasting. Also, an intercomparison of the data with the 80 m tower, radiosondes as well as RASS is planned.

In the future, the MTP-5 will be used as mobile measurement equipment for various sites.

Registered practice partner of the University of Cooperative Education Saxony

Since 01.08.2020, IfU GmbH has been a registered practice partner of the University of Cooperative Education Saxony in the Information Technology - Information Technology course. The state study academies award their practice partners the seal of quality as a sign of appreciation and recognition of the often long-term trusting cooperation. This seal distinguishes us for the fact that we take responsibility for the next generation and actively participate in the academic and at the same time practical training of future specialists and managers.

Curious? If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Experiment of SOFOG3D measurement campaign

In June 2020, the measurement campaign in the south of France ended after about 8 months of measurement. The data is currently being viewed and evaluated by the various research groups.

There are various publications planed, e.g. on the topic of fog prediction and forecast as well as a master thesis comparing the MTP-5 data with the conventional weather balloon and multi-channel radiometer.

Start of the project GREENPEG– “New Exploration Tools for European Pegmatite Green-Tech Resources”

The manufacture of devices for green energy production and storage in Europe is a strategic, fast-growing sector which is essential in ensuring that the EU meets its energy and climate targets for 2030. A major limitation to this is that 95% of the key raw materials for green energy devices are currently imported from outside the EU. Geologically, lithium-caesium-tantalum (LCT) and niobium-yttrium-fluorine (NYF) pegmatites are relatively common in Europe, enriched in many CRM needed for energy technologies but difficult to explore because most are buried, small and clustered.

The GREENPEG approach will develop and test a set of high-level exploration technologies and algorithms to be integrated and upscaled into flexible, ready-to-use (TRL 7) toolsets for the identification of buried pegmatite ores. Validation of the new approach will be ensured from industry-led trials at locations in Austria, Ireland and Norway, while application studies will also be done in Finland, Portugal and Spain. The data acquired will enhance European databases, e.g. adding new petrophysical properties for pegmatite ores, making the toolsets also important for geological surveys and increasing the competitiveness of EU companies.

The project is funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement No. 869274.

New equipment

In order to be able to respond even better to the wishes of our customers, we have expanded our "fleet" with the new large drone DJI S1000+.

The drone can hold up to 5 kg of measuring instruments and has a maximum flight time of 30 min. We are currently equipping the drone with a combined unit consisting of a multispectral camera, infrared camera and high-resolution aerial camera.

The drone made its first successful flight on an agricultural area in Saxony-Anhalt. Soil and tree structures were recorded using a multispectral camera, which provide nutrient-relevant data and are compared with the growth level of the crops.

The next use of the drone will be to survey old mining areas in Bavaria, in which a high-resolution magnetic sensor is used in conjunction with IR recordings to locate old shafts. The first test measurements have already been carried out and are very promising.

Member of the Freiberg Geocompetence Center

We have been pleased to be an official member of the Freiberg Geocompetence Center (GCZ) since May 2020.

GCZ is actively involved in the implementation of the Saxon and European Raw Materials Strategy and, in particular, in the important issues of improving raw material awareness and R & D. GCZ supports the optimization of the framework conditions for responsible sourcing and the promotion of metallurgy as the "key enabler" of a circular economy.

Start of the NiDroCherry project

Together with the project partners Lebosol, Senorics, Zaft e. V., Obsthof Schwitzky and Eurofins are researching the development of effective foliar fertilizers and a NIR measuring device for the convenient determination of foliar nutrients for optimal and sustainable plant nutrition in fruit growing. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of the ZIM program.

An overview of the project consortium and the project goals using the example of the sweet cherry can be found here.

2nd Workshop "Methods for measuring and forecasting the air quality "

On March 10th, 2020 our second workshop "Methods for measuring and forecasting the air quality (especially in metropolitan areas)" takes place at the BEST WESTERN Hotel am Schlosspark in 09577 Lichtenwalde.

The workshop offers a platform for the exchange of experience with national and European players, taking into account already existing scientific and entrepreneurial activities and competences. The workshop is divided into the three topics: measuring technology, models and prediction as well as drone measurements.

We would be pleased to welcome you to our workshop. You can register by phone (+49 37208/88915) or by e-mail until February, 7th 2020. The participation in the workshop is free of charge.

Please have a look to the preliminary agenda.

This measure is co-financed with tax funds based on the budget approved by the Saxon State Parliament.

Installation at the Poprad-Tatry Airport, Slovakia

On Nov.20th 2019, we successfully installed our MTP-5 at the Poprad-Tatry International Airport. Together with MicroStep-MIS spol. s r.o., a fog forecast project for aviation will be started. The goal is to collect data in the winter season 2019/20. Thanks to Duzan Mazurek for the organization of the project and the support during installation.

Successful installation of the MTP-5 together with the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI)

On the roof of the observatory Tusimice in Kadan (CZ), test measurements with the MTP-5 will be performed in August, 2019.

There will be an intercomparison of the data with the 80 m tower as well as RASS. The CHMI needs high-resolution temperature profiles for e.g. ecological tasks such as air quality monitoring and forecasting.

Installation of the MTP-5 at the SOFOG3D project in France

We successfully installed our device on top of the measurement trailer of MeteoFrance south of Bordeaux on 24th September 2019. It will take part in the SOFOG3D campaign during the winter 2019/2020. The progress of the works at the different sites is shown here.

You can find detailed information about the project on the SOFOG3D website as well as in an overview PDF.

Thanks to Vinciane Unger and Pauline Martinet of MeteoFrance for the possibility to participate!

“Workshop on microwave radiometer operation and calibration” || 28. - 30. August, Jülich

At the workshop organized by the University of Cologne at the Jülich Observatory for Cloud Evolution (JOYCE) various contributions to the handling and use of the various radiometers were presented. For this purpose, we have installed our MTP-5 on the roof and carried out a short comparative measurement with the 120 m mast and the HATPRO.

Thanks to the organizers Dr. B. Pospichal and Dr. U. Löhnert.

Participation in exhibition MeteoExpo 2019 || 5. - 7. June 2019, Genf, Suisse

In addition to many other exhibitors, we presented our latest products and the latest developments in the field of microwave radiometers at booth no. 6052.

Further information please find here.

Abstract at DACH Conference|| 18. - 22. March 2019, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

For the DACH Meteorological Conference, the specialist and advanced training conference for meteorology in German-speaking countries, a lecture was registered. At the accompanying exhibition we present you the latest developments of the product family of temperature profilers.

Further information you can find here.